Boyes Hot Springs

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2017 location of  Taqueria la Hacienda-Sonoma Highway across from Central Ave.

The building is on Lot 23 of the “Boyes Springs Hotel Grounds” purchased from E. Anagitos by Sam Ganos 5/24/1922. Anagitos got it from the Boyes Hot Springs Hotel (a development company) in 1916. The Assessor’s map (“tank maps”) shows Lot 23 as “grill” (as shown in the post card). This is before the fire of 1923. In the Index Tribune Feb 3, 1939, “Sam Ganos Improves Place to Keep Pace With City…” Sam Ganos, one of the original Boyes Hot Springs boosters and who saved his grill from the big fire of 1923 by pouring the famous Springs water on the roof when it was all but doomed [my emphasis], has steadily improved his place and now is installing a fine front and back bar…”. Very few buildings survived that fire. That makes 17960 a historical resource, in my opinion. Sept 28, 1961, “Sam Ganos in Hospital… Sam Ganos, pioneer Boyes Hot Springs businessman and a leading property developer of the area… His wife Lillian and son Mendel are carrying on the business at Mendels’s Café in Boyes.” Mendel’s was in one of the Boyes Blvd. “spur” buildings, next to what used to be Uncle Patty’s(across the street from the Plaza Center). Sam Ganos died on July 4, 1963. His wife Lillian inhereted. Her house was on the site now occupied by the Valley of the Moon apartments.


1911-Original location of the Boyes Springs post office (“Uncle Patty’s”)


The street scene by Zan Stark shows, at left, offices of the Valley of the Moon Daily Review, of which he was publisher in the late 50s and early 60s. Zan was prolific photographer and publisher of post cards from the 30s through the 50s. Copies of the newspaper are rare. They are valuable historical records of life in the Springs in the mid twentieth century. If you have one or two, consider giving them to this Museum, or the Depot Park Museum. Thank you!

Postcard images used Courtesy of Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford University Libraries






8 thoughts on “Boyes Hot Springs

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  2. Joanie Bourg says:

    Hi Michael. Right before the pandemic, i was able to scroll largely through the vast collection of photos and pix you have assembled on this site… it seems impossible to do that now? We live on Pine and Locust and am interested in any history of our place in relation to the bath house, or older structures perhaps on site. Thanks for your time.


    • Not sure what you mean Joanie. Most of the photos are in blog posts. You can search posts, or scroll through the archives. Just click on a month and you can go through those posts. Get back to me if that doesn’t work.


  3. Annabelle Franklin Venable says:

    We lived in the older part of Boyes in the 40’s. My parents owned and operated the Sonoma Vista Hotel, which was later known as “Curly’s” Would love to see some photos of that area.
    Ann Franklin Venable


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