551 Central Avenue

In 1964 a disastrous fire swept through Boyes Hot Springs, destroying many homes.

 “ A cluster of five residences at the intersection of Central Ave and Las Lomas was leveled. The Larson home…was one of them.

While the Cohn home was leveled, the Tom Codellos house right next to it was untouched. Oddly enough, the home of Mr. Cordellos’ grandmother, several blocks away at 550 Central Avenue in Boyes Springs, was also saved, while the ones next to it were destroyed.”Sept. 24, 1964 Index Tribune.

This was across the street from our lot, apparently, although the normal logic of addresses, odd one side, even the other, often does not apply in Boyes.



March 2019 showing a nice growth of quince, which always blooms at Lunar New Year.

2019=Lily Creek at right beyond fence. Please see https://springsmuseum.org/2019/11/13/the-arroyo-of-arroyo-road/


The lot remained without a house (I don’t like to say “vacant” because it was home to plants and animals and the occasional human) until mid 2022, when clearing started and a foundation was built.


The fence at back was built before the foundation. The setbacks for this house are the minimum.

2022-The house mover’s implements.

One day in September 2022, we heard the cry, “There’s a house a-comin.” And indeed there was. (Apparently manufactured houses are cheaper than ground-up construction, though not actually cheap; and the time required to get permissions from the County is still onerous.) Many were skeptical the huge, wheeled vehicle could make it down the narrow streets and around the tight corners of the area the fire department calls “the Maze.” Progress was very slow and the crew had to prune trees as they went along.

Of course, this is only one half of the building. They delivered and got the sections in position in one day.

Almost there.

The old (2019)…

and the new.

House is home at last. Now for the foundation framing, front porch, and everything else.

copyright 2022 Michael Acker