Neighborhood Phenomena

El Molino Wall


The owner of El Molino Central, located at Central Avenue and Sonoma Highway, did a magnificent job designing and building her restaurant. Since it first opened, in 2010, she has continued to improve the site. This stone wall was a later addition.

In a similar way that wood fences, or even buildings, are often built around trees, buildaroundBuildaround1

the masons who crafted this wall incorporated the small tree right into the work.elmolinotree2web

The plant is heteromeles arbutifolia, or Toyon: (please correct if wrong.) This is an interesting plant to have at a restaraunt, since its toxicity is listed as MAJOR.

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The Boyes Springs Plaza Palm Tree


A pre-1956 photo with the palm tree peeking over the top of the building. Notice the “Resort Club” sign at left.


Photo courtesy of Bruce Griewe. Taken in 1942.

Yes, there was a Plaza in Boyes Springs. The first half of the Plaza Center Building was built in 1951. It spared the palm tree. The second half, the part that houses the post office, was built in 1956, and spelled the end for the beloved tree.