Art, Valley of the Moon Main Stem Project

Recent Work from the Valley of the Moon Main Stem Project.

The Springs Museum takes some of its inspiration from the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. It is a museum not of art, not of history, but of Art and History. In the case of this Project, art and history intersect.


In Dark Trees

#32 G




#14 D Revision


#14 E


#14 F


#14 G



2 thoughts on “Recent Work from the Valley of the Moon Main Stem Project.

  1. Frieda Chiang (leixner) says:

    I lived in Fetters Hot Springs from around 1952-1959. My sponsor and “uncle” was gottfried Nimfer! The family name was Leixner, and we came over from Vienna, Austria in 1950. Do you have more info on this subject? I probably still have some old photos of my uncle and Aunt in the cabins and the shoe store that was across from the train station. I played all day in the old depot! It was my uncles building then. It had a beautiful marble floor to roller skate in. Went to Flowery school for kindergarten then to the new school when they finished construction.


    • Hello. Great to hear from you! I do have photos and newspaper clippings about the Leixners and the Nimphers ( there are various spellings). I would love to share with you and to see your old photos.


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