Now and Then, Resorts

The Valley of the Moon Resort

I had never heard of the Valley of the Moon Resort until Gordon Lindberg showed me this postcard. It is another name to add to the list of hundreds of resorts that operated over the years. It’s great that the building survives.

vomresort551 Cherry Ave - Google MapsGoogle Maps got the address wrong. It’s 531.vomresortad

Index Tribune advertisement from 1921. “..right near the Southern Pacific Depot” is a matter of interpretation!

Sonoma Vista is a subdivision bounded by Craig, Railroad Ave, Boyes Blvd. and Sonoma Creek.189sonomavistaclub1969

This photo from 1969 shows the officers of the Sonoma Vista Improvement Club handing over the deed to their building at Comstock and Riverside to the president of the Recreation District, which sold it. The funds were used to improve Larson Park. (Photo courtesy of the Sonoma Valley Historical Society.)


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